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28 May 1986
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I am a human being.
abnormality, alphonse mucha, alton brown, amorphophallus titanum, aqueous humor, architecture, argyle, arts deco and nouveau, atheism, aubrey beardsley, books, cake, cello, chemistry, chuck palahniuk, classical music, clocks, clove cigarettes, coffee, cold, color, comic books, conspiracies, crackpot theories, criminology, cuddling, curiosity, cynicism, daft punk, david lynch, death, documentaries, e e cummings, edgar allan poe, edward gorey, eight, elvis, eyes, forbidden everything, forensic psychology, forensics, germany, glass, goldberg devices, goldfish, grammar, harry houdini, hellsing, hieronymus bosch, history, hot archaeologists, hot professors, inappropriateness, indiana jones, inside jokes, insomnia, intelligence, john william waterhouse, knitting, languages, law and order, led zeppelin, libraries, literature, lost, maps, mark ryden, memento mori, metropolis, metropolitan learning center, midnight, modus operandi, morgues, mulder and scully, museums, mythology, naps, nebulae, neil gaiman, night court, nightmares, observation, offending others, oregon public broadcasting, oscar wilde, pearls, people, piano, portland, psychology, puzzles, queen, quentin tarantino, questions, quiet, reading, rene magritte, revenge, richard cheese, running, sarcasm, satire, seedy establishments, serial killers, sewing, silence, six feet under, sleep, sleeping, sleepy hollow, star wars, stephen king, stories, strolling, sushi, swearing like a sailor, sweaters, swimming, tea, the hoovinator, the lone gunmen, the sandman series, the x-files, time, tweed, unexplained phenomena, urban legends, vitreous humor, water, words, writing